We are pleased to introduce to you Robimond & Co. Construct srl - a Romanian limited liability company specialized in design and execution in a field of HVAC (Heating - Ventilation & Air Conditioning) and Plumbing engineering sector. The full range of Robimond execution program covers everything from design to construction, supply of equipment and start up of complete turn-key projects. We are dealing with well-known companies from all over the world: Halton, Trane, York, Rehau, Buderus, Carrier-Romania, etc. Founded in 1992, Robimond is a private capital company and in according with our economic strategies has become an important firm in romanian construction market.
The company is led in session by the Council of Administration, which is made by President General Director, one Vice-President, three voting members and one non-voting secretary.
The Council of Administration whose latest structure has been reconfirmed in meeting of January 2000 consists of:
  • Mr. Gheorghe Marin
         E-mail: marin.gheorghe[at]robimond.com
  • Mr. Cristian Enciu

  •      Vice President & General Manager
         E-mail: cristian.enciu[at]robimond.com
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    The company has three line departments: design, execution and financial. All activity of our company is coordinated by the Vice President & General Manager, Mr. Cristian Enciu - mechanical engineer by profession, 15 years of activity.
    Our 12 plus member team is efficient, friendly, well trained, and experienced in the design, installations, plumbing and service of air conditioning and heating systems. Most of our techs have associate degrees in air conditioning and plumbing service. As stated above, we have received many letters from delighted customers commenting on the professionalism and integrity of our employees and the quality of their designs, installations, and service. Robimond's team of dedicated, experienced, our engineers and administrators are proud for their accomplishments and confident of their capability to meet new challenges in the years to come. At Robimond, we are concerned about energy consumption and conservation. From the smallest commercial building to large office buildings, churches, warehouses and schools, our company strives to maintain comfort and control operating costs whenever possible. Our goal is to continue to provide the same highquality service that have made Robimond one of Romanian's top trade companies.
    If you see a potential future work or collaboration beetwen our companies, please visit our new import-export opportunities web page and contact us.

    Our current mail address is:
    Robimond & Co. Construct srl
    Paul Greceanu 9
    Bucharest 72119

    E-mail: office[at]robimond.com
    @ replaced by (at) in order to reduce spam.
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